McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass Challenge 2014

About this project

McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glasses launched a new modern design. An interactive social campaign was necessary to engage fellow Malaysians and generate interest in the new collection.

Interactive Games

5 weekly mini games glossed with the same classy modern touches of the Coca-Cola Glasses design was created. Each interactive game was challenging yet achievable to keep participants in their competitive spirits.

Engaging Facebook Content

Lifestyle based mood shots of the Coca-Cola Glasses were captured to increase interest in the new captivating Coca-Cola Glasses designs.

Throughout the campaign idotyou provided end-to-end support, from campaign initiation down to prize delivery, becoming the client’s one-stop hassle-free campaign provider.


McDonald's Coca-Cola Glass Challenge 2014

Date Published

June 26, 2014


Game Design & Development