Juice Works New Website

About this project

Give the website a face lift to better reflect Juice Works’ brand values while structuring a functional layout to display information in an interesting yet accessible manner. The new mobile responsive website capabilities has improved search optimisation that increases its search ranking. The results – a more fun, informative and user friendly website.

Redesigning the Look & Feel
The new Juice Works website design incorporated a much more raw and colourful mood and feel to reflect Juice Works’ brand value which is natural, happy and down to earth. The photoshoot conducted for the website involved photographing real fresh fruits as Juice Works uses all natural ingredients.

 Restructuring the Website Layout
The website layout is very structured and balanced to complement the category & information heavy website with flexibility to accommodate frequent updates regarding Juice Works’ latest services and promotions. As a result, each category is equally visible to users and therefore easily accessible. Idotyou successfully delivered an all rounded and dynamic website that is well organised while looking great on all devices.



Juice Works Website Revamp

Date Published

November 7, 2014


Web Design